Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 A mixture of weather and knitting in this posting.   

 First of all, we've had some pretty severe weather going on during this monsoon season which has been going on for nearly a month now and another month or so to go!  I mean heavy rainfall, flash flooding, dust storms, and lots of thunder and lightening.   These pictures I took out the car window yesterday on the way home from Phoenix.  Our temperatures have dropped down to the low 100's, which is nice.

As for knitting,  I can't get off this knitting dishcloth kick.  It's been fun making these "pointed" dish/washcloth or hotpads, whichever you want to call them. 

I started this baby blanket (Sea of Dreams) back in May of 2013.  I love the yarn - Madtosh sock, love the color, love the "finished" look of the pattern, but it's given me more than my fair share of "fits".  Main problem being I can't seem to count correctly.    Now I have a purpose to get it finished - I'll be having a new grandbaby next spring, so gotta get on it!  So here it is and I'm off to work on it for a little while today.


  1. flooding rains are scary to me….hope you have not had damage

    Love what the blanket will be!

    1. Kathy, we actually have been missed from the flooding, and quite a bit of the rain. The sky turns this color then moves on around us. Here in Arizona some of the rains evaporate before hitting the ground when it's in the 100's! Thanks on the encouragement on the blanket - I need all the encouraging I can get.