Monday, January 26, 2015


First off, this is the Forza Scarf I've been working on off and on this past week.   I apologize for the poor picture - too much grey weather today. This scarf is knit in two pieces and joined in the middle so that both ends are matching.  It is part of the Laura Nelkin "A 2015 FIRST QUARTER KAL".

All the excitement in this area (Phoenix) this week is Sports, Sports and more Sports.   The NFL PRO BOWL was held yesterday.   This Thursday is the beginning of the PGA Golf Tournament - Waste Management Phoenix Open in which Tiger Woods is coming back!   Then of course, this coming Sunday is the SUPER BOWL.    I can't imagine trying to drive around in the Phoenix/Glendale area this week with the additional millions of people in town.

Of course all these people were hoping for some nice warm weather, but it's actually only so-so.  Temperatures during the day are only getting into the upper 60's and low 70s's, and even a prediction of some sprinkles.  Quite often any rain forecast here doesn't happen, sometimes it dries in the air before hitting the ground, and only in the monsoon season of late summer do we get duststorms and heavy rains.   Of course, temperatures are relative - those of us who live here year around think the 60's are kinda cool, but I guess if you're from Chicago or the east coast, it's quite balmy here.

So back to my knitting wearing my sweatshirt here in the house to keep warm!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


                                  21 June 2012                      18 January 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015


This is what I got yesterday!!!   This is our 2nd Great-grandson, born in Spokane, Washington.  Of course we think he's pretty sweet.   We're looking forward to seeing him in June. 

 I was knitting this blanket for him, but today I frogged it for a number of reasons:

  1. Never knit a blanket (even a baby one) in fingering weight unless you want it to take a year to finish at the rate I was going.
  2. I added a second color (burgundy) to the grey as I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn, and I added a cream color stripe down the middle of the burgundy to give it some pizazz.  My mistake was both the burgundy and cream were not washable and the grey was.   So I could just see my granddaughter tossing the whole blanket in the washer and dryer and what a mess that would have been.
  3. I'm just plain tired of knitting on it and want to get on to other things.  I knitted a blanket for the 1st great-grandson (his brother), and she can just use that one for this baby (I hope).
Now on to deciding what to knit next.  I think I'll knit this Forza Scarf by Laura Nelkin - Nelkin Designs.  Looks like something I can whip out in a decent amount of time, which is what I need at this time!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I know, I'm posting my "Tuesday Talkabout" on Wednesday - always was a rebel.  Actually, I was waiting for the scarf to dry to take a picture.

Finished my "Colorful Scarf" made with mini skeins and scraps of fingering yarn.  I'm liking it a little better now that it is blocked, and hoping the granddaughter will also like it.

Yesterday, we went up to the "valley" (Phoenix area), and I stopped at a Tuesday Morning store to browse.  It's amazing what this place had - name brands at half off.

I came across these ChiaoGoo needles, only in size 1 and 2.  I've never tried this brand and for the price I thought I could try it and if I don't like it I don't have a lot invested.  I've used Addi needles for many, many years, so not sure about this "limp" cable.  That's right - $2.49!!!!

What kind of needles do you use and why?

Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm sailing along on this fingering weight baby blanket.  It's getting very boring, so I found some burgundy yarn I could use to insert a stripe here and there.   Wish I had some cream color to insert in the middle of the burgundy.   I'm heading up to the Phoenix area, tomorrow, I bet I could find some more yarn somewhere.  LOL.   To add:  I made a quick trip into Hobby Lobby yesterday and guess what - no cream colored yarn in a fingering weight.  So I've ordered some online, so blanket will be on hold for a few days.

I received this beautiful handmade journal for Christmas, and got it out today to start writing in it.  I've never been one to journal, but now that I have this beautiful book, I'm inspired.   My daughter who made the book, has been writing journals for quite a few years, has been taking classes in bookbinding.  The coverage is made with beautiful ivory colored canvas, as well as the white and black binding.   It is pretty special to me, so I must make myself write in it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Remind me to never knit a baby blanket with fingering weight yarn again.   Although I love this Mad Tosh sock yarn in the Composition Book Grey, this simple little blanket is going to take forever.  I can see how my days and nights are going to be spent for a few weeks!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Sorry I've been messing with my followers, but I'm back to using Blogger again.    I just couldn't do some of the things I wanted to do on WordPress, so I bit the bullet and hope I don't lose you in the process.  Those few who follow me I do cherish your comments and friendliness.    But, I also like to be able to post in the manner and form that fits my style - so think this is it!!